Driving a taxi… wait! Have to stop the cab — just park it anywhere. Don’t care if I get a ticket or if it’s towed. Is that Brooke Shields I see? Why yes, it is! And over there, by the Plaza Hotel, on the steps… Muhammad Ali. No way… way! Hey Andy, Andy Warhol! I see you’ve got your camera — have fun at Studio 54. And Hello to you, Margaret Trudeau, wife of the Canadian Prime Minister. You sure know how to party hearty.

There was a time when I was into scoping out politicians. It was exciting to guess where you might run into someone noteworthy on the street. Oh, oh, oh… it’s Jackie O! Things were much simpler back then. Building security — what’s that? Just look like you belong and you could pretty much sneak your way anywhere, even into the fanciest events. And get within 3 feet of Jackie Oh, Oh, Oh.

It was also a time of fear… a killer was on the loose. But finally the “Son of Sam” was caught, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. His trial was front page tabloid news for months.

Truman Capote outside Studio 54, New York City
Bella Abzug and Mario Cuomo, Brooklyn
Brooke Shields, New York City
Muhammad Ali, Plaza Hotel, New York City
Museum of Modern Art Sculpture Garden
Andy Warhol and Margaret Trudeau, Studio 54
Thanksgiving Day Parade, New York City
Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Broadway, NYC
Jackie O, Little Italy, NYC
Herald Square Station, NYC