IMAGES FROM THE PROSPECT PRESS: Brooklyn Photographs of the 1980’s

For five years during the 1980’s, I documented the changing face of some of Brooklyn’s most enduring communities. As the staff photographer and editor of the Prospect Press, a local newspaper of the time, I produced an in-depth record of neighborhood life, local politics, development battles and portraits of the characters and personalities of the era.

These images now appear as if discovered in a time capsule. The newspaper they were produced for, defunct since 1987 and unsearchable on the internet, exists only in the memories of long-time Brooklynites.

They are a chronicle of old neighborhoods where people of diverse backgrounds lived side by side, families passing their turf down to the next generation. But as the brownstone revival took hold, row houses and tenements on formerly neglected blocks suddenly became hot properties. For many, the pressure of change was too strong. From the front lines of that scene, I was able to connect with many of the ethnic and social groups that staked a claim to this part of the city and who were being pushed out by changes that are still occurring today.

Walkout at John Jay High School


Police Night Out, Prospect Park


Steve DiBrienza, Democratic primary victor


They love Governor Cuomo in Flatbush


Theodore Roosevelt Republican Club


Hanging out on Fourth Avenue


Tom Knight, Official Brooklyn Baseball Historian


The Wildmen of the South Slope


Kano, graffiti artist from Greenpoint


They say their landlord is trying to squeeze them out of their Garfield Place walkup


The Maceteros of Sunset Park


A mysterious flood forced them out of their apartment


Brooklyn Women’s Martial Arts


Reunion, Old Manual Training High School


Mayor Koch gets earful, Windsor Terrace


Irish American Parade Committee, South Slope


Evening prayer, Sunset Park youth home


Newsstand owner forced to leave after 40 years


Not happy about the way things are going


Fracas on 15th Street — water pipe breaks


Anti-development demo in Windsor Terrace


Anti-crack demo in Sunset Park


Not in Williamsburg if they can help it


The Seventeenth Street Brooklyn Association